ARcore for Industrial Maintenance

Xikaku’s first product is the ARcore. The ARcore is an IP component that allows zero latency camera pass-through and video mixing to create an immersive augmented reality experience.

A possible use-case of this system is a factory maintenance scenario as displayed in the illustration below. A factory maintenance worker might be wearing a virtual reality HMD with two cameras attached to it. ARcore forwards the image from the cameras directly to the display of the headset with minimal latency. On top, ARcore creates a superimposed image that let’s the user see measurement information recorded by sensing units attached to the factory machines. This allows the maintenance worker to fulfill his task accurately and efficiently.

The environment seen by the maintenance worker might look like the image below. Superimposed over the factory machines is status information reflecting the condition of each individual machine. One machine in the center of the image has a red marker attached to it, signalling the urgent need for maintenance.