Our Take on Augmented Reality

Xikaku creates solutions for industrial and medical augmented reality applications. In contrast to many others, we here at Xikaku have a very conservative opinion regarding the future of augmented reality.

In our opinion many creators of augmented reality hardware and software, specifically with a consumer focus, are trying to serve a customer need that does not really exist. The imagined use case of a person wearing smart glasses 24/7, having an augmented universe around her, constantly confronting the person with information and, importantly, advertisement, is in my opinion a technologist’s utopia.

We believe that essentially human beings want to be free, in the sense that they have access to information when they want and need it, but very selectively. This need can more efficiently and healthily be satisfied by ubiquitous computing devices such as smart speakers with built-in AI assistants, than by using a device that is permanently attached to your head/face/eyes/brain.

However, we wouldn’t be invested in this industry, if we didn’t understand that there indeed are very strong use-cases for augmented reality devices. We see these use cases in areas, where people require tools to perform tasks that they otherwise couldn’t.

Such a use case might be a surgeon using an AR head-mounted display to overlay spatial x-ray information over the human body in real-time. It might be a welder, who uses an augmented welding mask to enhance his vision of the material he is working on. It might be a factory maintenance worker, who sees critical machine status information superimposed over his vision the moment he enters the machine room.

To conclude, our vision for Xikaku and for AR in general, is to create augmentation technology that helps people perform their work more efficiently and safely, so they have more free time to spend in reality.